Hey! I am
and I am a photographer
and a dreamer
and because of that when the light passes through our atmosphere,
falls with direct beams or dissipates, reflects or breaks down,
creates a pattern, illuminates the subject, creates a moment
that will be gone in a wink, I feel an irresistible urge to capture it.
Whether it is
grass or asphalt,
a flower or a road sign,
a wrist or a cheek
that is lit, I want to freeze it.
But not just how it is,
but also how I feel about it.
And when it is a person
when it is a couple, a family,
I try to capture the inner light that comes them

and from their love and personalities.
All these moments,
they should be preserved,
photographed or videotaped,
to be with us at all times
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